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Your Analog Audio Masters are in trouble!

Your Analog Audio Masters are in trouble! They're victims of Sticky Shed Syndrome, better known as SSS and they need to be stabilized and transfered to a new medium, ASAP. What is SSS?  SSS is a defect in analog tape oxide formulations that causes a sloughing of the surface material of the tape as it moves across the tape heads.  That surface material is your treasure, your artwork, your income and you don't want it reduced to sticky sludge on a tape head.  We can stabilize it and transfer the content to digital media at a very low cost. 

And while we're at it, we can re-purpose your mono and stereo mixes. We can upmix into today's surround formats - 5.1 or 7.1 - or remix for the web.  We can update your material with a new editoral take, re-confom, cutdown, extract an M&E from a multi-track master, replace un-cleared music, replace narration or dialog with a foreign language or do just about anything you can imagine with televison and film sound.  Our Emmy Award winning team at XFER's sister company, Mixers® Hollywood, has the experience and creativity you need to send these masters into the future. 

Call XFER for consultation and prices.  323-799.4707  Prices as low as $100 per 24 tr. master.

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